Most people only see what JW’s are like from a distance, maybe walking door to door on a Saturday morning. At most, you may live or work with one and are familiar with some of their activities.  But have you ever wondered what it’s like to actually be one?

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Get ready to rise bright and early! You’ll need to allow time to read the Daily Text.  That’s a small booklet that has a Bible text for each day of the year.  Don’t just read it and put it down…read the comments, ponder over them, even grab your Bible and read the whole chapter that the verse came from.  From time to time throughout the day, think back on it.

If you have a day job, you’ll head to work. Plan on eating lunch alone, unless you happen to work with another Witness.  You know it’s not a good idea to eat with worldly people.  Did you remember to bring your publications?  “Bait and wait” is used by school kids and adults alike.  If you leave your Watchtower or Awake or some other JW book just sitting on your desk, someone may ask you what it is, which opens the door for a Bible discussion and possibly, a Bible study.  Yay!

Since you’ll be eating lunch alone, might as well get started on the week’s Watchtower study. Save surfing social media and shopping online for the bathroom.  Doing your study during your lunch break will give you a nice head start and will ensure you’ll have time to do your other studies.

Still Going…

Work is done, time to head home. What better way to handle that rush-hour traffic then to listen to some Kingdom Melodies?  Just the thing to keep Jehovah in the forefront of your mind and prevent road rage (Satan) from creeping up.  That music is instrumental, perhaps you’re in the mood to sing.  Pop in the Singing Kingdom Songs CD and sing the same stuff you sing every week at the Kingdom Hall.  (I will say, some of these songs are better than most of the stuff on the radio nowadays, anyway.)

Stopping for gas or at a store is the perfect time to engage in some informal witnessing. This is why you’ll have a stash of Watchtowers, Awakes, and various tracts in your car and on your person at all times.  Don’t want to disappoint Jehovah with missed opportunities!  Strike up a conversation with the nearest stranger and hope that they’ll accept your literature so you can mark that down on your field service report.

Finally home, dinner was eaten, time to relax…with your Bible. Don’t want to get behind on your Bible-reading schedule!  Just a few chapters is all.  Oh and maybe you can look over the field service offerings for the week and start coming up with a presentation so you’ll be prepared Saturday morning.

 Rinse and Repeat

And this is what happens every day pretty much, when it’s not a ‘meeting night’. I will go into that in a future blog post.  Tired yet?  Just reading that has me worn out.  Jehovah’s Witnesses are busy people, but they don’t mind.  They think they are doing it all for Jehovah and securing their place in his Book of Life.

My life is busy now, but I spend more time being busy with my family and pursuing a healthy way of life, like going to the gym before work. Sure, I take time out to worship God, that’s important to me.  But it doesn’t have to dominate my schedule in order to be acceptable to Him.  After all, God can read our hearts, and He extends grace to us all.  And that is good enough for me.