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Welcome to the weekend! It’s finally Friday. Every Friday, new movies come out in theaters. I’m not sure if there’s anything out right now that has me wanting to find a sitter and rush to the nearest theater, but there is one that I chose to write about this week. That is the animated move called Smurfs: The Lost Village.

No, I’m not writing a movie review, that’s not the type of blog this is. Plus I didn’t see this movie and am not sure if I’m going to. After all, I know nothing about the Smurfs other than it’s this cartoon from the 80’s with these little blue creatures. There’s one other thing that I knew about it since I was a kid—Smurfs are demonic and we should have nothing to do with them. Obviously I know now that this is garbage, and I no longer believe it. But when I was a kid, and my Smurf stuffed animal disappeared, it was very real to me.

So, What’s The Story?

As an adult, I’ve become aware of more stories–or actually, incidents–surrounding the Smurfs. The one I heard about when I was little was that one Smurf doll that Papa Smurfsomeone had suddenly started talking. That was reason enough for my mom to get rid of mine. Some of the other incidents I heard are pretty funny.

One story was that a kid was sitting in a Kingdom Hall and had his or her Smurf stuffed animal there. It suddenly got up, declared “I’m out of here!”, and walked out of the building.

Another story is that a kid who wore Smurf pajamas was bitten by the characters on the fabric.

I bet there are more tales than this out there, but these are the only ones I know of. The common thread here is that apparently, Smurfs are demonic. I’m not sure how Smurfs got to be connected to demon-ism, but somehow it did. And to Jehovah’s Witnesses, anything that they feel fits in the category of being demonic has to be avoided. Even if the stories sound far-fetched. Even if there’s no actual documented evidence of these strange occurrences. If someone said it, it must be true.

Nothing Wrong with Smurfs

In conclusion, I say take your kids to see the movie. Buy them the toys and clothes and other accessories. I have yet to hear about any other incidents of Smurf toys and clothes becoming possessed. If you know of any Jehovah’s Witness kids, you can save yourself the trouble of inviting them to the movies to see it with your kids. They’ll make up an excuse why their kid can’t go. You’ll know the real reason though…and you can laugh to yourself at the silliness of it all. Now, excuse me while I go online to look for some Smurf-abilia to order for my child.

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