$4 billion dollars is a lot of money. Well that’s what was spent on St. Patrick’s Day festivities in the US last year. That’s not much of a surprise when you think of all the fun stuff that happens around March 17th, the day St. Patrick died in the year 461. Parades, four-leaf clovers, the color green, and of course the Chicago River turning green all mark this fun time of year for everyone, not just the Irish.

Why Not?

But there is a relatively small group of people who you will not find sporting a shamrock or even wearing green. And they surely won’t be seen sipping green beer or attending a parade, either. Yup, those darn Jdubs, ready to give a million reasons why we shouldn’t have fun. Though I’m sure I actually could list a million reasons, or pretty close to it, here are just four:

  • It’s bringing honor to someone other than God and Jesus

  • St. Patrick’s notable acts benefited “false religion”, not JW’s

  • It started as a religious holiday

  • Wearing shamrocks started as a symbol of pride, which is forbidden

Patrick Who?

What can I say, the Witnesses have it in for St. Patrick! They find nothing worth celebrating in any way, shape, or form. March 17th is an ordinary day in the life of a Witness of Jehovah. They show no honor or recognition, even in a lighthearted way, for anyone besides Jesus Christ or God. And they avoid like the plague any type of traditions, because often have Pagan or unscriptural roots.

So next St. Patty’s Day, before you approach someone and give them a pinch, take a good look at them. No green, no go. Keep it moving and save it for someone who will enjoy days like this for what they truly are…occasions to have fun with our family and friends.